2.3m x 2.3m Flat Packed Office Cabin



Product Details

Flat pack office cabin for sale. Collapsible office cabins ideal for sites with restricted access.

This 2m cabin is the smallest in our flat pack cabin range.

This office cabin arrives flat packed, is man portable and is ideal for erecting in previously inaccessible locations. It’s simple assembly (with a socket set) takes about 45 minutes.

Manufactured from fully galvanised steel (no rusting), this flat packed cabin has attractive smooth panelling, finished in a powder coated moss green  on the outside and an off white powder coat on the inside.

The unit has a guttered roof and features two double glazed u-PVC windows fitted as standard. The interior of the insulated cabin is pleasantly light and airy with a durable and smart wall finish – suitable for surface mounted electrics.

Once assembled the unit can be moved by crane / forklift or demounted back into it’s neat flat-pack form for storage purposes. This unit can be linked side to side or end to end to provide additional space at any time after initial assembly.

Product Specifications

External Length (m) 2.247
External Width (m) 2.305
External Height (m) 2.345
Internal Length (m) 2.13
Internal Width (m) 2.19
Internal Height (m) 2.145
Door Width (m) 0.788
Door Height (m) 1.971
Floor Type Cement Board
No. of Windows 2

2.3m x 2.3m Flatpacked Office


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