6.5M X 4.6M Side Linked Flat Pack Container Office

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External Length (m) 6.51
External Width (m) 4.62
External Height (m) 2.35
Internal Length (m) 5.90
Internal Width (m) 4.38
Internal Height (m) 2.15
Door Width (m) 0.79
Door Height (m) 1.97
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 2600
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 74
Floor Type Cement Board
No. of Windows 4
Internal Floor Covering 2mm Vinyl
Internal Wall Covering Powder Coated Steel
Electrical Requirements. (Amps) 32amp
Height (Flatpacked) (mm) 450
Length (Flatpacked) (m) 6.5
Width (Flatpacked) (m) 2.31
Insulation 50mm PU Foam Insulation


Our largest flat pack office is created by linking two of our 6.5m office cabins side by side.

This bundle includes:

  • 2no. 6.5m x 2.3m flat pack offices (grey white)
  • 1no. 6.5m side linking kit

When you have limited access to deliver portable accommodation our flat pack office range provides the perfect solution. It enables users to move all the components by hand to the required erection area which can even be inside buildings or multi-storey car parks. This can save significant delivery costs – such as large mobile cranes, trackway or skating teams.

This side linked bundle offers two of our large 6.5m cabins joined with the side linking kit creating an open space to accommodate larger teams or for other uses such as points of access, entry testing or control (for example signing in areas, health and safety documents, or covid test information etc).

With the 6.5m x 4.6m side linked cabin you have the choice to use one or both pedestrian doors. If you choose to use both doors these can be installed on any two of the four sides to give maximum on-site flexibility. This is especially useful when you are using the units to manage the movement of people within your workplace. You can even move the doors at a later time, or relocate the whole building as the project or requirements change and evolve.

The side linked bundle benefits from plenty of light with 4 windows included, although these can also be swapped out with surplus solid panels (these are spare side panels not needed as the unit is linked). This is especially useful when you need privacy or interior/exterior wall space.

If you need even larger spaces you will have the opportunity to add additional side linked 6.5m offices. Each additional office added will provide an additional pedestrian door and two additional windows. Please note that additional units for this bundle can only be added side-linked.

The largest and heaviest part on the 6.5m office is the roof panel. If you need to move the components over long distances or through restricted spaces you may find the 3.3m x 4.6m linked office building or the 4.3m x 4.6m linked office building easier. However for easier access sites where perhaps the components can be moved mechanically or simply where you need a larger cost-effective building space these are ideal.


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