SHIPPING COST: Shipping is calculated at 10-20% cost price per container(Customs/Immigration Charges NOT Inclusive). This shipping cost is the amount paid to the shipping company for their services in moving this container(s) from our port and delivering them to your site or address.

FREE SHIPPING: Our free shipping promotions cover the ”Shipping Cost”. No immigration or customs charge is included in this plan. The insurance charge is also not included in our free shipping offer. You are eligible for this offer when your order amount is $7,000 and above.

The Containersocity Transport team works in close collaboration with the Hire and Sales divisions to specialize in the worldwide delivery and installation of our extensive range of cabins and containers for both business and private customers.

Our fleet is composed of ten vehicles, including eight self-loading lorries with six or eight wheels, which are well-equipped to deliver cabins and containers to various locations. We take pride in our ability to provide efficient and reliable transportation solutions to meet the needs of our valued customers.


Additionally, we have two trucks in our fleet that are equipped with cutting-edge cranes featuring extended reach, 360-degree operation, and higher lifting capacity. These specialized cranes are designed for delivering to sites with restricted access, making the setup of large site compounds and modular buildings more efficient and time-saving.

Furthermore, our crane vehicle fleet is supported by two articulated trucks without cranes, which are dedicated to transporting containers from the ports to our headquarters for inspection and grading. This meticulous quality control step sets us apart, as not many companies offer such comprehensive measures to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.


Our standard procedure is to dispatch a lorry that is capable of offloading the delivery to the side and at a 90-degree angle from the lorry, just beyond the stabilizer leg, as illustrated in the provided drawings. However, if your delivery location necessitates a significantly different approach, please inform us. We have larger cranes designed for specialized purposes and can accommodate various challenging deliveries with the appropriate vehicle, including offloading in front of the cab if needed. We are committed to meeting your unique delivery requirements to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience.

  • Our lorries are capable of delivering your cabin or container to the side and at 90 degrees to the lorry, just clear of the stabilizer leg
  • Our fleet includes larger cranes for challenging situations, including offloading in front of the cab (please request a quote if this service is required)
  • Consider the size of the truck in terms of the delivery location, including height restrictions, overhead obstructions, space for turning corners and entering gates
  • Containersocity is not responsible for any damage to manhole or drain covers or surfaces (such as pavements, fields, or grass) during delivery
  • In the event of our vehicle getting stuck, you will be liable for the cost of recovery and any damage that results, as well as any parking or permit costs incurred.


Cabin and container delivery and installation, including questionnaire

We understand the importance of delivering accommodation or storage in a safe and efficient manner that meets your requirements. Our team will work closely with your personnel to ensure that the units are placed where you need them while navigating any site restrictions and parameters that may be present. We encourage open communication and request that any concerns regarding delivery be discussed with us early on to prevent unnecessary costs for abortive delivery attempts and wasted time for all parties involved.

Our experienced and fully-trained Containersocity drivers are equipped with PDAs (personal digital assistants) that are linked to our office systems. These PDAs contain all the pre-delivery information provided by you, and they record all signatures and capture photographs of the unit once it has been delivered. This enables us to maintain accurate records and ensure a smooth delivery process from start to finish. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide exceptional service at every step of the way.


Our fleet consists of thirteen vehicles, with nine of them being 6 or 8-wheel rigid vehicles capable of accommodating pairs of 24-feet units with trailers or a single 32-feet load without a trailer. The larger rigid vehicles are equipped with front legs and 360 degrees of operation, making them versatile for use as site cranes for safe, smooth, and efficient installations, moves, or site clearances for large construction, self-storage, or modular building projects.

One additional rigid vehicle is specifically designed for multi-drop curbside deliveries of flat-pack cabins and containers. We also have two Arctic tractor units with specialized trailers that support our crane fleet, allowing us to transport cabins and containers up to 45 feet from port locations and our manufacturing facilities to customers and depots.

Additionally, we have an articulated tractor unit designed for solo operation in confined spaces or for the delivery of 40-feet containers and longer cabins of up to 45 feet. This diverse fleet of vehicles allows us to handle a wide range of delivery needs, ensuring that we can meet the unique requirements of each project efficiently and effectively.


As a standard practice, we will dispatch a truck capable of offloading your order to the side and at a 90-degree angle to the truck, as depicted in the accompanying drawing. However, if your delivery location requires a significantly different approach, please inform us in advance. We have larger cranes for specialist purposes and can accommodate challenging deliveries accordingly.

It’s important to consider the size and weight of the chosen truck, as they may impact the delivery. If the truck is too big, it may not fit in the designated area, while if it’s too small, it may not be able to reach the exact location you have in mind. Please be mindful of heights and overhead obstructions, such as branches or building overhangs, as well as weight limits, soft ground, and weak manhole covers below. Each truck wheel can carry up to 6 tons, which can potentially cause damage or delays if not taken into consideration. If you have any concerns or are unsure, please discuss them with your sales contact initially, and it’s your responsibility to note any concerns on your official order or online purchase.


Upon arrival, our drivers will report to your Site Manager to establish a lifting plan before commencing work, including leveling the container as needed. If any corner requires leveling by more than 200mm, please inform us in advance. Our drivers will also ensure that all doors and apertures open correctly before departing the site.

Our delivery team is trained to conduct all necessary assessments for safe installation, utilizing standard generic risk assessments for unloading and loading of cabins and containers using lorry-mounted cranes. For further information about our commitment to health and safety, please refer to our Health and Safety documentation or discuss with your contact in Hire or Sales, who can liaise with our Transport team as needed.


For intricate installations that may involve multiple cabins, our Transport team can rely on additional support from our in-house specialist resources. Our Appointed Person (AP) will be dispatched to the site to produce comprehensive lift plans, along with method and risk assessments that encompass the entire installation process.

For linked buildings and modular building installations and removals, our installation team will work in conjunction with the transport team to erect gantries, install complex staircases, and ensure proper fitting between cabin links in a safe and efficient manner. The installation team will then complete snagging and hand over the building promptly, allowing you to proceed with your project work smoothly and efficiently.


Our extensive experience in container deliveries enables us to install units in various unique locations, utilizing our larger cranes operated by our skilled and trained team.

In cases where access is severely restricted, we can provide assistance with mobile cranes, towables, or flat-pack accommodations, ensuring that you can have suitable welfare accommodation wherever it is needed.

To maintain high standards of prompt and reliable delivery, we operate our own managed vehicles, making the process streamlined and efficient. Occasionally, we may work with small sub-contractors who share our values and commitment to providing a first-class service.